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Free? No, please!

Free? No, please!

People, in general, hate meetings, except  those where you serve free food.  Then attendance skyrockets.

Wanna get people visit your grand opening? Offer something for free. People will show up even though most know there’s some price to pay, such as a boring two minute talk about the wonders of a new pair of shoes with 100% UV light protection.

When we deal with the government, many of us are willing to go for free healthcare, free education, free roads despite the fact -some believe it is a fact- everything the government gives for free actually sucks.

Free healthcare sucks. Free education sucks. Free roads suck.

The solution: privatization, the rule of the individual, the entrepreneur, the businessman. Private hands know better about allocation and distribution. They take a profit, but that’s OK and well deserved.

Is all this true or pure BS… Excuse me, or just a myth?

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